I mostly translate from 2 source languages, English and Dutch, into my native language, Spanish. But inverse translation, that is, the other way around (from Spanish into English or Dutch) is also possible. Since translations are charged per word, the final price of the translation depends on the amount of words the source text has. This way you know in advance how much your translation will cost.


The rates that Nuevos Aires charges per word is € 0,10 excluding VAT.


My specializations include the following fields:
literature, websites, marketing, administrative and journalistic texts, apps and games, travel and tourism, among others.

Even though, I am not a sworn translator, which is only necessary for documents with an official or legal status. Some examples are certificates, evidence in court cases, diplomas, and wills, etc. I have contacts with which I can put you in touch if that is what you need. If in doubt, you can always contact Nuevos Aires to ask if your translation should be sworn.


The languages from and into which I translate are: Spanish, English and Dutch.

Other options

Urgent translations: 25% extra costs.

Texts up to 3 pages in 24 hours.