About me


Who am I?

I'm Antonela Dana Cozzi, the owner of Nuevos Aires and a professional translator. The language pairs I work with are English <> Spanish and Dutch <> Spanish.

I've been born and raised in Sunchales, a small town in the province of Santa Fe, Argentina. My native language is Spanish. In 2015, I successfully completed the bachelor's degree in English translation at the Universidad Nacional de Córdoba. In Córdoba, I have also followed the only Dutch course offered by a university in Latin America.

I have years of experience in teaching languages to adults. I have gained this experience in the family business, Instituto de Idiomas Sunchales, our own language institute. In which I have taught English, Spanish as a second language, and Dutch since I was 17 years old.

In 2016, I came to the Netherlands to do an internship at a translation agency for 5 months. There I have learned a lot about the translation world. I also had a very nice experience with great colleagues.

Love brought me back to the land of the windmills in 2017, this time to stay. So I've started my own translation agency and language institute on the other side of the ocean, Nuevos Aires!

Student's reviews

Dutch student:

"The lessons were excellent, allowing me to start learning Dutch. I learned many words and sentences in just 3 months, before I moved to the Netherlands. For me it was very helpful, because it was very practical and you notice her dedication. Highly recommended!"

Germán Jongewaard de Boer

English student:

"Excellent teacher! Very didactic, she puts a lot of energy and passion into what she does. She uses a wide variety of resources in her classes. Really a spectacular person and teacher!"

Marcela Weidmann