Transcripts are charged per minute, not per hour. This way you know in advance how much your transcription will cost.

If you want the transcript to be translated, you should also take into account that Nuevos Aires charges the costs of transcription and translation. For example, if you have a piece of audio in Dutch for which you want a transcription in Spanish, the transcription costs are charged per minute plus the translation costs per word. For the translation, the rate charged by Nuevos Aires is € 0,10 per word excluding VAT.

See our transcription rates below:

Intelligent/Smoothed transcription Edited transcription Verbatim transcription
Dutch € 2,25 € 2,45 € 2,65
English € 2,00 € 2,20 € 2,40
Spanish € 1,75 € 1,95 € 2,15

Intelligent, edited or verbatim transcription: what is the difference?

An intelligent transcription involves making a global written summary of the recorded audio.

A verbatim transcription is a form of transcribing in which everything that is said on a recording, including repetitions, stuttering and interjections, is written down in a document.

An edited transcription is a form of transcribing in which everything that is said on a recording excluding repetitions, stuttering and interjections is written down in a document. In addition, what is discussed in the audio during the transcript is edited to achieve a more readable document, as far as possible.

Other options

Transcriptions with a short or urgent deadline are possible. For this an extra of € 0,15 per minute is charged.

If there is more than one speaker on the audio, an extra of € 0,10 per minute is charged.

*If the quality of the audio/recording is not good, extra costs will be charged.