Language courses


At Nuevos Aires you can follow individual language courses or group lessons (in consultation with the teacher). You can find the prices of the different options below.

Lessons Total number of hours Prices
Single lesson 1 lesson 2 hours € 65
Option 1 4 lessons, 1:30 hs 6 hours in total € 200
Option 2 8 lessons, 1:30 hs 12 hours in total € 350
Option 3 16 lessons, 1:30 hs 24 hours in total € 650
Option 4 8 lessons, 2 hs 2 times a week 16 hours in total € 500

Languages and levels

Dutch (for Spanish and English speakers): civic integration exam (basisinburgering), beginners and intermediate level.

Spanish for foreigners: all levels and conversation classes.

English: beginners, intermediate and advanced levels, also conversation classes.


Private lessons, one on one, or in pairs. In Woerden city or at your home (25 km tops)

Skype classes

Group lessons (negotiable)

*the prices do not include the material, ask your teacher for more information. It does include a certificate with the level achieved or a certificate for participation.